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Must and never


In Poland you have to take your shoes off when getting in a house, in France you don’t.

Displaying flags publicly is considered an nationalistic act in Germany and nothing to be proud about; the other cultures take pride in it

In Germany you greet others checking hands, not in France

In France you kiss people when you meet them

You may use mobile phones in the schools from Germany; Poland and Spain but not in France

Young people live long with their parents while those in Germany move out very early

In Germany and Poland, when the temperature is above 28 degrees, classes are canceled; not in France.

There is a dressing code in the Polish school; not in the other ones

School day is over much earlier in Germany than in France

People use preferably no one way packaging but lunch boxes in Germany

Plastic bags are prohibited in Germany in stores and supermarkets

You can have a siesta in Spain; but it is impossible in Germany

Children may not be allowed to be out or at home alone; in Spain they may

In Germany camera surveillance is not allowed in schools; in Poland it is

Parties are much earlier and smaller and not that lively in Germany as compared to Spain

Funerals are made three weeks after death in Germany but earlier in the other countries

Weddings are much bigger and last longer in the other partner countries as compared to Germany

German students can decide more on school management than the others

Cultural differences


In France you usually eat sweet things for breakfast and savoury ones in Poland

In Poland and Germany, Polish people have to use public transpôrts and walk a lot not in France.

In Spain, they ‘tutoie” their teachers, it will be weird if not doing so where as you don’t in France.

In Poland, much more food is deep fried than in France.

In Poland, people drink much more Vodka than wine as in France.

In Germany, you have your last meal at 6PM where as in France or Spain it’s later.

In France, bread is always available on the table not in Germany.

In Germany, you have to pay the canteen directly when in France you don’t pay that way.

In Poland, many people pray before the meal, not in France.

In Germany, in some families you have to say some rhymes or prayings before eating, not in France.

In Spain, insults can be used not as insults, not in another country.

Each country had its different traditional pastry

In France you eat snails, not in Poland.

In Poland, people traditionally eat fish on Friday not in France.

In Spain, you have a snack at 10 or 11 in the morning, just before meal, not in the other partner countries.

In France and Germany you have to call teachers by their last name, not in Poland.

In Germany, you meet at the door front where as in Poland it will be considered as not appropriate to meet at the door frame.

In Poland, they always greet with a hug where as in France you do this with a kiss.

In Poland, you don’t gesture with your hand to say thanks (it will be offending) while you do it commonly in France

In Germany shops have to close on Sundays, not in France.

In France, you can’t chew chewing gum in class, in some schools in Germany you can.

In France, summer holidays last for 8 weeks when in Germany they only last for 6.

In France, in schools we must have a canteen not in Spain.

In Poland, when the temperature is above 28 degrees, schools have to have freetime not in France.

People go to bed at about ten in the evening in Germany and much later in Spain

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