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 e-dictionary of common names 



Chloé: With 5074 births. Chloe is a name of Greek origin it means “blooming”

 Emma: With 6765 births. Emma is a name of Germanic origin which means “God is with us”

Enzo: With  6982 births. Enzo is a name of Italian origins meaning “home ruler“

Jade: With 5475 births. Jade is name derived from the Spanish piedra of the ijada which means “sotne of the bowels“

Lea: With 5755 births. Lea  is crafted from the Hebrew leash. In Hawaiien Lea means “joy“ or “happiness“

Louis: With 5058 births. Louis is the French name and means “famous warrior“ and is a prominent name in French aristocracy

 Lucas: With 7071 births Lucas is a French name derived of Greek and Latin it is means “bringer of light“

Mathis: With 5646 births Mathis is a name of German origin meaning “gift of God“  it is very popular in France and Belgian

Manon: With 5351 births Manon is a French name it comes from south of France in welsh it means beautiful queen

Nathan: With 6437 births Nathan is a Hebrew name meaning “gift of God“




Amparo: origen latin/valenciano : refugio

María: origen hebreo :  madre de jesus

José: origen hebreo : “el proveera ”

Francisco: origen latin : “pueblo e los franco”

Paula: origen latin: pequeño  

Rafael: origen latin : angel enviado por geova”

Vicente/Vicenta:origen latin : conquistar

David: origen hebreo : el amado”

Javier: origen eusquera  : casa nueva





Antoni- This name originated in ancient Rome, from important family named Antonius. It means “priceless one” in Latin. Antoś

Jan- The name originated in Palestine. It was first mentioned in the old testament of the bible. In Hebrew it means “Graced by God”

Alexander This name is popular in our school. All together there are 5 Aleks/xanders, in which 3 are Aleksander and 2 are Alexander.

The feminine names of Alexander are Alexandra and Olexandra.

Zuzanna- It originated from the middle east, in various languages it means lotus flower or lily flower.

 the short versions

Franzieszk- It originated in France and it means Frenchman or Frank.

Jakobob- It is also known as kuba. The name Jakub refers to the old and the new testament, it stands for the patriarchy

Hanna- the shorter version is Hania, the origin is Hebrew, but in poland many females are named Hanna or Hania (the polish version) meaning grace of god

Leon- Leon is a name originated in Ancient Greece. It means Lion. it is a common name in Poland.

Filip- Filip is a extremely popular name in Europe. It originated from Spain and it means “horse lover”. It is also popular around Greece and Balkan nations. We have 4 Filip in our Embassy International School. But most of them are from polish origin showing that the name Filip expanded all around Europ

Mikolaj- Frequency: In 2021 83,5 thousand newborn children were named Mikolaj.

Origin: Name was originated from Latin. It means victory of the people.




Finn:  Hebrew name, Finn is derived from the Irish Fionn, meaning "white" or "fair".

Isabella: Italian Name. Meaning: God is my oath

Lucas: Italian Name meaning: bringer of light

Mia: Englisch Name  meaning : my or mines

Oliver: Scandinavian Name  meaning: olive trees 

Olivia: Englisch Name  meaning :olive tree

Sophia: Greek name meaning : beauty 

Lia : ltalian name meaning: relaxed

Lily : French name meaning: purity and innocence

Emma: German name meaning: universe

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