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   Bisschoppelijk College Broekhin




Bisschoppelijk College Broekhin is a school situated in rural Limburg, a province in the south-east of the Netherlands, renowned for its picturesque landscape and friendly people.

B.C. Broekhin provides secondary education to about 1650 pupils in the 11- 19 age group. Our four educational departments range from pre-vocational education to pre-university Atheneum/Gymnasium /TTO (bilingual education) level. Apart from offering quality education, one of our highest priorities lies in communicating the norms and values necessary in a modern society. Our school has many international contacts, each year around 300 pupils take part in international exchanges, study visits or projects. We believe that values such as self-discipline, compassion and respect for other people’s ideas are all central to the healthy development of children and young adults.

The children that are participating in the WEBS Erasmus+ project are from our TTO (bilingual) department. These students are getting the highest possible education (VWO) and choose to do that bilingually. More than 50% of their subjects are taught in English and extra English lessons (Albion) are provided in the first three years in which students improve their speaking-skills.

One of the main ways of getting the international dimension into their lives and getting them to think about the differences between cultures, is to get them into contact with pupils abroad and working together with them on international issues. We provide international studytrips to Dover, Canterbury and Bath. In Bath pupils will stay in an English host-family for a week to come in contact with the English identity, culture and language.

The bilingual education will be finished by taking the Anglia B2 examination at the end of

year three. Students who are interested can take the International Baccalaureate (IB) English A Language and Literature programme after they finish the three years of TTO. Also there is a Global perspectives course at IGCSE-level and there a numerous oppurtunities to participate in exchanges (for example to China, Portugal, Sweden or Bulgaria) or in studytrips to Londen, York and Edinburgh.

All in all we are a school that makes pupils think about their place in society and Europe and we think school is more than just a few lessons in a classroom.

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