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The biggest Berlin State European School, the Friedensburg Oberschule is situated in the heart of
Berlin and as its name suggests, it belongs to the Berlin schools that convey a great importance to
the development of the European and international dimension. We have made a tradition of taking
part in federal and international projects such as `Europe Day` and numerous social, educational

and intercultural projects. We see ourselves as an example of the successful manifestation of the
European credo and of the integration of the multiple cultures in one united Europe.


Around 1300 students representing more than seventy nations and learning in grades 7 to 13 are taught

by over one hundred teachers. Half of our students learn in the so-called regular classes, i.e. the classes

with German as the teaching language. Furthermore, the other half of our students learn in bilingual
classes, the so-called SESB classes, in which about 50% of the courses are taught in Spanish.
Moreover, both these students and the teachers of the subjects given in Spanish are native speakers
of Spanish. As recognition of the students`language competence, the bilingual students are awarded
a C2-level certificate in Spanish at the end of the 13th grade. The third branch is the
‘Willkommensklassen’, introduced in 2010 for newly-arrived foreign students and basically meant to
help them learn the German language and integrate fast in the regular or bilingual classes. Besides
our bilingual profile, we also have laptop classes and professional orientation classes which deal with
differentiation and the integratation of media to our internal school curriculum.


Furthermore, we have a music profiled class in each year, whose concerts are higlhy acclaimed regionally.

Our next school emblem are the `BOP`- courses (profession-oriented courses), which bring students

closer to real life. In courses such as sewing, crafts, orchestra, translation etc. our students get a glimpse

into certain professions. Interests like theater, learning or perfectionating a foreign language, creative

writing and so on, find their match in the extra curricular courses we offer as a full-time day school. For

two years now we have also offered courses to prepare for CAE (Cambridge Advanced Certificate of English)
and will offer a similar course for the Spanish DELE.


Last but not least, our school motto is "Learning with, for and from each other" , which added up to our

profile stands for our motivation to learn from and with other bilingual schools and cultures.

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